Service Updates

26/02/2021 – Chat and Deliveries will be delayed until ETA 4PM UK time. Sorry for the delay.

Delivery Information

  • You DO NOT have to wait for an email saying your order is ready. All orders are made to order, if the chat is online then your order is available.  Livechat is available from 2pm to 7pm Monday to Sunday.

All orders are communicated using our Live Chat. This is for the ease of communication so you can get your order as soon as possible.

Livechat Hours

Monday-Sunday 2pm – 7pm United Kingdom (London Timezone)

Frequently Asked Questions

My order said to go to Live Chat, but it is not online? I have tried several times but it says No Agents Available?

As of 12th November 2020, I currently operate between:

  • Monday-Sunday 2pm – 7pm United Kingdom (London Timezone)

If you are not sure what the time is currently in the UK, please use Google “what is the time in the UK”.

PokeGens is a one-person operation. I ask for your patience whilst I may be taking a break or if I am offline for any other reason during the operating hours.

I also have a full-time job, and family commitments whilst running this service, so I appreciate your patience. I aim to complete most orders almost instantly, but typically no longer than 24 hours.

Where do I find my order confirmation email?

Please ensure to check your Spam/Junk Folder in your email inbox, for your order confirmation. The order number will be 4 numbers, e.g #1234. I can find your order by your FULL NAME, or EMAIL ADDRESS so do not worry if you cannot find the order number. As long as you have the correct name/email address, I will complete your order. You do not need to ask if you need to provide any further information in the chat.

How is my order completed?

There are different delivery methods, depending on what product you have ordered. The product description of the item will tell you how the order is delivered, please ensure you read all information provided for your benefit. We will communicate each order over Live Chat. You do not need to wait for an email to confirm your order is ready, simply join the chat.

Individual Pokemon

If you have ordered an Individual Pokemon, this will be delivered via Link Trade within Pokemon Sword and Shield. I will communicate with you via Live Chat the Link Code that we will use to complete the trade. Simply trade me what Pokemon you do not want to speed up the trade. If you have ordered several individual Pokemon, these will be done within the same trade.

Bundled Pokemon

If you have bought a Pokemon Bundle, this will be delivered via Pokemon Home if the order contains over 30 Pokemon. Anything under 30 Pokemon will be delivered via Link Trade in Pokemon Sword and Shield (with the exception of Customised Pokemon).

If you have purchased the Generation 1-7 Bundle

This will be delivered via Pokemon Home using a Moving Key which is generated in Pokemon Home. I will provide detailed instructions in the Live Chat on how to generate a Moving Key. If you already know the process on how this works, please DO NOT generate a Moving Key until asked for it, as it is timed to 3 minutes. You will have to generate a new key if you provide it, without being asked.

This can be done either in Pokemon Home on the Switch OR within the Pokemon Home Mobile App. I will provide clear instructions for both.

If you have purchased a Sword and Shield Pokedex i.e Galar Pokedex/Gen 1-8 Bundle

This will be delivered via Pokemon Home using either of the following options:

OPTION 1 – Add OUR Nintendo Account to YOUR Switch

We send you an easy to follow guide which gives you step by step instructions on how to complete your own transfer via email (dependent on the buyer – Average 20-30 min)


OPTION 2 – Add YOUR Nintendo Account to OUR Switch

You send your Nintendo account info and we do the work for you (FAST – Within 5-10 minutes of adding your account)

We will require your Nintendo Account information for this transfer. We recommend that you change your password IMMEDIATELY once the transfer has complete. Once we have completed your order, we will remove it from our system. We have absolutely no reason to keep it.