?Sell Pokemon Services with PokeGens.com?



Are you looking to make a bit of extra money alongside your regular job?


If yes, PokeGens has the perfect opportunity for you. We are offering you the chance to set up your own store, by offering services provided by PokeGens.com. Simply sell on your favourite online platform (eBay, Etsy Facebook or similar).

You control your own prices, products (as long as it is offered on PokeGens.com), and where you sell them. Simple!



Email contact@pokegens.com to register your interest, with a short paragraph explaining why you would like to be affiliated with PokeGens.com, and what your plan will be for selling Pokemon-related Digital Services.


Questions and Answers


Q: Do I need a Nintendo Switch or software to be able to do this?

A: No! All you need to get going is to create your own shop on your favourite selling platform. You will be liaising with your customers in regards to sales, PokeGens.com will complete the delivery of the orders.

Q: Am I an employee of PokeGens.com?

A: No, you are self-employed. This means you will have to fulfill your tax requirements of the country you reside in.

Q: If you are completing the delivery of orders, how do we communicate this to our customers?

A: We will communicate using Discord. You will need a laptop/computer with Discord installed, where you will be invited to join a private server. We will then discuss the details of each order over Discord.

Q: I am in a different timezone than you – how can I get the order to my customer?

A: PokeGens operates between 2pm and 7pm Monday to Sunday United Kingdom (GMT) Timezone. This is the only time orders will be fulfilled so please ensure your customer understands the timezone differences.