PokeGens.com User Guide & F.A.Q’s – Updated 23rd May 2023
Recommended reading time 3-5 minutes

Please read all the information that is presented below.

Whilst there is a lot of text, it will help you greatly if you are confused on how PokeGens.com works, and are wanting to place an order.


Note: All trades are completed via Link Trade only (we do not offer Pokemon Home delivery unless specifically mentioned in a product description)




Hello! Welcome to PokeGens.com. We offer a Pokemon trading service in the form of Link Trades, for all current Nintendo Switch Pokemon titles:

  • Pokemon Scarlet/Violet [SV]
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield [SWSH]
  • Pokemon Legends Arceus [LA]
  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl [BDSP]

We have written this guide to assist you with typical user queries and issues, but also as guidance before you place an order with us. We want your experience to be as easy, and as smooth as possible.

Whilst we may have many different abbreviations and options for the Pokemon we offer, it is super simple to get your favourite Pokemon, in your favourite Pokemon game. Please take your time to view all the information provided in this guide, as it is for your benefit after all! 🙂

What exactly is PokeGens.com?

Here at PokeGens, we offer a Pokemon trading service. Everything is of a digital nature. You are paying for our service, to get your favourite Pokemon in your favourite Pokemon game.

All trades are currently completed, via the in-game trading option from within each game, called a Link Trade. Please note: We do NOT offer any other method of trading Pokemon, unless specifically advertised in that product.

We have been offering trades since 2020, and as of May 2023, we have completed over 30,000 orders. Crazy to think that many trades have happened, but yes, we really have completed that many trades.

Previously, when we first started out, everything was done manually. We ran a Live Chat service, and did all orders as they came through, but this was only available for 6 hours each day. Now, we have a fully automated system, that offers you to get your Pokemon at any time of the day that suits you. No waiting around for a person to contact you like other services may offer, and our prices are a lot cheaper than some other trading services. Win win!

How do I know I can trust PokeGens.com?

It is a fair question, especially in this day and age of the internet where everything is easily accessible and lets be honest, a lot of dishonest actors.

The best way to answer this question, is to direct you to our Trustpilot page. As you will see, we have as of 23rd May 2023, over 800+ reviews, with a 5 Star* Excellent rating. We ask our customers to leave reviews, regardless of their experience good or bad. Hopefully, it is a great experience! If not, we will do our best to make it the best experience possible.

Take 2 minutes to view our reviews to put your mind at rest before you order.

I am interested in purchasing a Pokemon, what do I do?

Treat this service as if it was like any other store online. You select your items (Pokemon), place your order, and you can collect the order as and when you are ready. Except you skip the part where you have to wait, as it is a 24/7 delivery service that is fully automated.

What do you mean by “fully automated service”?

Our fully automated service is just that. It simply means, everything is delivered to you, automatically. No humans required, no waiting around for someone to create your order for you. You place an order, follow the prompts that are displayed after your purchase, and collect your order. Our Trade Bots will do the rest, providing you easy to follow instructions at each step. All we ask, is you follow all the information that is given to you, for a seamless experience.

I wish to customise my Pokemon with some optional customisations that you offer, can I choose whatever I want?

Short answer yes, BUT within reason and limitations (they must be legal). When we say “legal”, this means any custom options you may choose, must be possible on that Pokemon in your target game as if you captured it yourself through normal gameplay means.

Let’s use a few examples:

  • I am buying a Charizard for Pokemon Sword and want to give it a custom move set. Through normal means by playing the game, I can have Charizard have certain moves. Charizard also has a lot of moves it CANNOT learn, such as Surf for example. Therefore I cannot ask PokeGens.com to give my Charizard the move Surf.
  • I am buying a Charizard for Pokemon Sword and want to give it a custom level. Through normal means by playing the game, I can have Charizard at a minimum of Level 36, as this is the level it evolves at. You CANNOT have it any lower. This is how the game is programmed by the publisher. We can’t offer something, that is not possible. (The only exception to this, is Pokemon Go, where some Pokemon can be very low levels. We will not cover Pokemon GO transfers as we do not offer Pokemon from Pokemon GO, and the legality of Pokemon from this game is complex)

These examples are not limited to the 2 examples given above. Some Pokemon may have moves that can only be learned at a certain level for example. Some Pokemon may only be able to be in a certain Pokeball (such as starter Pokemon which can only be in Pokeballs).

As you can see, when adding custom options, the more options you add, the more complex the Pokemon becomes. Therefore, we ask you to fully research what it possible on your Pokemon, before ordering. It is impossible for us to provide legality for every single scenario.

I do not care about legality of my Pokemon and I will select whatever options I wish!

Obviously, you are free to do so, despite the information provided above! However, we have precautions in place, which will deny any Pokemon that is found to be “not legal” to be traded (as explained in the examples above).

What websites can I use, to see if my customisation options are possible?

We recommend you use the following tools, to assist you with your choices:

These three websites contain a plethora of information about Pokemon. If you are unsure if something is possible on a Pokemon, please use the above websites as guides. Using Pokemon Teambuilder, you can check your custom Pokemon is valid for trade BEFORE you purchase.

Please note: We do not offer a legality service or advice on how to use any of the resources above.

Before you continue to place an order, please read the following advice and guidance:

  • Before placing an order, please take time to read all information that is provided to you.
  • Please familiar yourself with our Terms and Condition prompts, that are displayed before you add a Pokemon to your cart, and pre-checkout. These are very obvious, in big text and have obvious call to action pointers to them.
  • Please as explained in this guide, do not guess any customisations. If you do, you will ultimately have issues with your trade. We currently do not offer refunds, for invalid Pokemon. All options are available at your choice, but you MUST ensure that what you have chosen, is absolutely possible on that Pokemon.
  • Orders cannot be changed post-order, so please check absolutely everything before you purchase.