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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a service that offers the ability to enhance your gameplay in either Pokemon Sword or Shield, in the form of Link Trades or Pokemon Home Delivery. You can purchase any Pokemon that currently exists in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Any Pokemon you see on site that is in Moon/Sun/Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun can also be created for those games, just let us know in the order notes at checkout.

How do you handle payment and banking details?

We only use secure payment methods such as Paypal, and Stripe for Debit/Credit card payments which act as our 3rd party payment processor.

PokeGens does not have access to your banking details once an order has been placed. We can only see the last 4 digits of a payment card in our payment dashboard, the remainder of the card numbers are obfuscated which is a standard security practice with payments.

How do I get my order?

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All orders are completed between 2pm and 7pm UK Timezone 7 days a week. We use Live Chat for all orders due to the ease of communication. We want to ensure the process of delivery is as easy as possible for you!

Current local time in
London, United Kingdom

Sometimes, the Live Chat will be offline during these hours. This could be for many reasons, we endeavor to get your order to you as soon as we possibly can.

What are your operating hours?

Monday-Sunday 2pm – 7pm United Kingdom (London Timezone)

Any orders after these hours, will be commenced the following day

I saw someone with a Pokemon called in-game

This is a free Pokemon we give out in Wonder Trades with our website name on. It is basically an advertisement. We have to advertise our services somewhere, right? 🙂

Any order you make WILL NOT contain a watermark and will come with its original nickname. You can choose to have your own Trainer Name (the name you choose when you began your game) on your Pokemon for a small additional fee.

I just got a Pokemon from you via Surprise Trade called

If you received a Pokemon via Wonder Trade with, congratulations! This Pokemon is FULLY LEGAL and can be used in the game.

Any order you make WILL NOT contain a watermark and will come with its original nickname. You can choose to have your own Trainer Name (the name you choose when you began your game) on your Pokemon for a small additional fee.

Will my order have the original Pokemon Nickname?

Yes. Any order you place will not have as the Pokemon Nickname. You can choose to have your own Custom Trainer (the name you chose at the start of your game for your character) added to the Pokemon you order, for a small additional fee.

I Googled “PokeGens” and the results showed me software called “Pokegen”. Are you linked with PokeGen?

We are not linked or affiliated with the software called ‘PokeGen’. We may appear in the same Google search however we have nothing to do with “Pokegen” or any of its websites or software. nor are our services any way linked with “PokeGen”. We just happen to have similar names.

PokeGens is not affiliated with any other source/program/software outside of

I'm concerned that I am going to be scammed

We get it, there are a lot of dishonest people over the internet. Some individuals will try and scam others for their personal gains which of course, is absolutely unacceptable. At PokeGens, we are upfront and honest about all of our practices, informing you what will happen with your order every step of the way. By using LiveChat, we can answer any questions or queries in real-time.

With over 4000+ trades completed, you can be safe in the knowledge you’re in experienced hands.

Can I get a refund/exchange?

We do offer refunds, however, they are limited to:– If there was an error with a trade– If we cannot fulfill your order for any reason

Once the trade has commenced, we will not offer a refund or exchange.

If for any reason you do not collect your order after 30 calendar days, PokeGens reserves the right to decline any form of refund. You still can get your order however, simply join the Live Chat during the above hours.

Can I get banned?

Highly unlikely. We have done over 4000 trades to date, without a single issue. All the Pokemon you purchase are ran through legality checkers BEFORE they are traded. This means that the Pokemon you purchase will never have moves/stats/names or anything that will jeopardise your account, or ability to play or use the Pokemon.

You will not find any non-legal Pokemon from this site. Unobtainable Pokemon are not sold here, and we will NEVER offer unobtainable Pokemon i.e Shiny Locked Pokemon.

Are you affiliated with Nintendo or Gameshark?

No, not at all. We do not own any Trademarks, Copyrights or claim to own any of the content in relation to the Pokemon franchise. You are simply purchasing a digital service, where we trade Pokemon from ourselves to you. All Pokemon content trademarks and copyrights are owned by the respective parties, GameFreak and Nintendo.

You are agreeing to purchase a service, which is my time, to trade you your Pokemon into your game