Service Terms & Conditions

PokeGens.com trading services will only trade Pokemon that are possible to be obtained in the selected game you are playing.

  • By using PokeGens.com (“Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”)  that you agree and fully understand that if you have selected any Customisation Options for your Pokemon, they are all in line with what can be obtained within the game by normal means (such as levels, shiny, trainer name changes, or any other optional selections offered by PokeGens.com).
  • You confirm you have researched before placing your order, that any optional selections you have made are possible on your Pokemon.
  • You understand the validation service provided by PokeGens.com is not a 100% guarantee that your Pokemon can be traded, therefore you waiver my rights for any refund or exchange should the PokeGens.com automated trading bot provide you  a message saying the trade cannot go through.


PokeGens.com logs your IP address for all purchases and trades for anti-fraud purposes, in the event of a chargeback. We also keep a log of each trade which shows you participating in collecting your purchase.

Should you create a chargeback with your card issuer for your purchase, we will provide these logs to your card provider as evidence against your claim.

If you are an employee of Nintendo, TPC “The Pokemon Company”, GameFreak or any company affiliated with the Pokemon franchise, your access rights to visit or use PokeGens.com services or website have been revoked, and you must exit the website or service immediately.

General PokeGens.com Terms and Conditions