Electivire [Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl]


  • Pokemon will be level 100 unless Custom Level is chosen on the product page
  • Pokemon Nickname will come as its original name, no “PokeGens.com” watermark
  • Pokemon Trainer Name (OT) will be PokeGens unless Custom Trainer Name is chosen on the product page
  • Self delivery with our automated trading bot
  • Delivered via Union Room Link Trade – no account details required
  • Over 5000 trades completed – 5* TrustPilot Rating




Make Pokemon Shiny (Do not select if Pokemon is Shiny Locked or your trade will not complete):

Add Custom Trainer Name (This is your Trainer Name not the Pokemon Nickname (Your Character Name). Do NOT use any symbols, or periods. Doing so will make your Pokemon untradeable):

Custom Trainer Name:

Add Custom Move Set: (For this Pokemon, custom level must be set along with custom moves)

Move One:
Move Two:
Move Three:
Move Four:

Add Custom Held Item:

Custom Held Item:

Add Custom Level (For level 50 Pokemon, set to level 49 or 51. This is due to legality reasons, or your Pokemon will default to level 100): (For this Pokemon, custom level must be set along with custom moves.)

Custom Level:

Give Pokemon Custom Ability:


Sp. Atk.
Sp. Def.
Total Left

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