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Scarlet Violet


Why do I keep getting “TrainerTooSlow” messages from the Trade Bot?

As the message says, you are either being:

  • Too slow in selecting a Pokemon for trade
  • You are not online (still on local communication)
  • You have ran out of time to input the Link Trade Code
  • (MOST COMMON ISSUE) You are not clearing the “Attention!” message that appears before the trade animation begins



  • If you get to the trade screen fine, but the trade backs out/ends the trade, you are being too slow in selecting a Pokemon for trade. Do not check the Pokemon being traded, this will waste time and the bot will not wait for you due to potentially high queues of customers waiting for their trades.
  • (MOST COMMON ISSUE) You are not pressing the A button on your Joycon on the screen below .You MUST go past this screen on EACH TRADE or the trade will not start and the bot will leave.