Kubfu [SWSH]


  • Pokemon will be level 100 unless Custom Level is chosen on the product page
  • Pokemon Nickname will come as its original name, no “PokeGens.com” watermark
  • Pokemon Trainer Name (OT) will be PokeGens unless Custom Trainer Name is chosen on the product page
  • Self delivery with our automated trading bot
  • Delivered via Link Trade – no account details required
  • Over 5000 trades completed – 5* TrustPilot Rating




Add Custom Ball:

WARNING: Are you SURE this Pokemon can be in this Ball? Your trade will fail if you select an invalid Ball and you will NOT be refunded.

Make Pokemon Shiny (Do not select if Pokemon is Shiny Locked or your trade will not complete):

Add Custom Trainer Name (This is your Trainer Name not the Pokemon Nickname (Your Character Name). Do NOT use any symbols, or periods. Doing so will make your Pokemon untradeable):

Custom Trainer Name:

Add Custom Pokemon Nickname (WARNING: Setting your Custom Nickname to the Pokemon Species Name, will make your Pokemon untradeable)


Add Custom Move Set: (For this Pokemon, custom level must be set along with custom moves)

Move One:
Move Two:
Move Three:
Move Four:

Add Custom Held Item:

Custom Held Item:

Add Custom Level (For level 50 Pokemon, set to level 49 or 51. This is due to legality reasons, or your Pokemon will default to level 100): (For this Pokemon, custom level must be set along with custom moves.)

Custom Level:

Give Pokemon Custom Ability:


Sp. Atk.
Sp. Def.
Total Left

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