The Big SV Bundle


Koraidon, Iron Leaves, Walking Wake, Miraidon, Gholdengo CANNOT BE SHINY as they are Shiny Locked. Refunds will NOT be provided with the failure to read this information provided. If you choose the Shiny option, these Pokemon will be delivered Non Shiny.

  • Pokemon will be level 100
  • Pokemon Nickname will come as its original name, no “” watermark
  • Pokemon Trainer Name (OT) will be PokeGens unless Custom Trainer Name is chosen on the product page (if this is available)
  • Self delivery with our automated trading bot
  • Delivered via Link Trade – no account details required
  • Over 20000 trades completed – 5* TrustPilot Rating
  • No further customisations are available for this product, other than the ones that are listed


Make Pokemon Shiny: (Do not select if Pokemon is Shiny Locked or your trade will not complete. You can safely ignore this message if you're purchasing a bundle):

Add Custom Trainer Name: (This is your Trainer Name not the Pokemon Nickname (Your Character Name). Do NOT use any symbols, or periods. Doing so will make your Pokemon untradeable):

Custom Trainer Name:

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